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Re: 3.6 arrived

On 10/19/04 00:55, Martin Schröder wrote:
On 2004-10-18 20:42:52 +0200, chefren wrote:

arrange it that way (Pay Pal?). If someone else wants to donate the cost of traffic it away for free, no problem but why should Theo do so?

Traffic is essentially _free_ today. I can get hosted servers
with 1.5TB/month; I even saw an ad for a flatrate.

Even if it's a little, it's not free.

CD's also cost a little, but they are not free and although about $50 for the set is not much, for lots' of people it's not a little and it's certainly not free.

If you want to generate money for the project go for the company
users and bugger _them_ (the enterprise distribution is the right
solution). But first contribute by yourself.

I expect people who talk about this to contribute as much as they can already. I do think that customers of people on this list are not bothered enough for money for the project.

We should be able to agree, more money will help the project. So it might be boring but it's also a good idea to keep an eye on new ideas that would offer new resources.

If Theo/"the project" charges for =the= "real" OpenBSD CD-ISO-image information on plastic as they do know they should seriously consider payments for other distribution paths for this information since CD as a distribution medium for this kind of information is more or less dying. (Who believes there will be a distribution CD-set as we know it now after 10 years from now? and 5 years?)

I do say that access to the "real" OpenBSD ISO and compiled programs, should cost some money (for example 5$ a download-day or $250 a year). I didn't say that downloading the source-code should cost any money nor that others should be prohibited in any way to distribute the sources or their own compilations.