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Re: 3.6 arrived

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 01:01:54AM +0200, van Helsing wrote:
> Thats why ppl. dislike oBSD-mailinglists and oBSD... thanks for the
> perfect example.

Oh come on. This is a tired old FAQ that I'm sure goes back to the
earliest days of the OS.

Seeing it repeated endlessly in the lists makes me more impressed with
the patience of some people. In some cases it's like talking to
drooling 6 year old retarded kids that found mommy's crack pipe hidden
under the trailer.

New List Member 'Bubba': "Duh... Where can me get ISO images for
       teh OpenBSD?"

List: "You can't, it's on the FAQ page at 

Bubba: "So me got to buy CDs? No can't just download?"

List: "CD purchases support the project. If you're worried
      that the CDs will arrive after $RELEASE_DATE then download
      and send a few bucks to the project. It's good karma."

Bubba: "$DISTRO Linux lets me download ISOs!!!!1111oneonetwo"

List: "OpenBSD is a smaller project. It doesn't have IBM or other
      big companies behind it."

Bubba: "... so me no can't download an ISO? That's teh ghey!"

List: "No."

Bubba: "Teh OpenBSD user are GHEY and MEAN!!! Slashdor it RIGHT.
      Me go back to Linuxxxxxxx!~!~!!!!~!_(_at_)_~!~!~!"

 [normal list traffic for 3 days]
New List Member 'Cooter': "Duh... Where can me get ISO images
       for teh OpenBSD?"

... and the same tired cycle repeats itself over and over and over. I
won't bother replying to, and continuing the life cycle of, this
pointless thread.


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