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Q: regex, binary characters, vi, and grep

I am having trouble searching for "binary" (characters 0x80 - 0xff)

1. How does one enter such characters directly from the keyboard? All IBM
PC BIOS' support the (excellent) system of alt-numpad to enter any
possible character code. OpenBSD ignores the BIOS, however. Is there
another way to do this?

2. Grep does not seem to work with \xnn or \\xnn sequences. printf does,
but I can't make grep use them. Even piping into grep was useless. So were
various quotes, escapes, etc. So was egrep.

3. How can I search for these characters in vi? If there was a way to
search for the string in the buffer, that would work too. If there was
such a way.

Anyone know?

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