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Re: 3.6 arrived


>>>Who expects him to give away the CD's for free?
>> The server is a gift from the university.
> Almost all work on the CD consists of gifts donated by the community.
exactly. From my point of view, the ability to download it for free
wherever and whenever I need it. The ability of people to get it for
"free" in this case like in "beer", is important. You should also not
forget that there are people which can not afford to spend even then
for us quite affordable 40 bucks on software and which are very happy
to have a for us trashy 486er doing something usefull for them.

I think this is a very good reason why it should remain _FREE_ for
download in some way.

>> For me personaly: I downloaded OpenBSD serval times from the FFTP before
>> I started to buy CD-Sets....
> The point is that in the past a lot of people =bought= the CD's. Theo says
> they
> download more and more download direct from the FTP site while not paying
> ;ess
> and less for the CD's.
> I don't see a problem. Donate $5 to Pay Pal and receive a login and
> password
> that works for a few weeks or so.
> Anybody may put the download on a site and distribute sources for free.
> Maybe the ISO like now copyrighted and the source free.
> The question is: Why do you expect Theo, the project, to pay for server
> and traffic?
> Why is is OK for the project to make money on sales of the copyrighted CD
> but
> not on distributing the still copyrighted ISO via Internet?
because this is all barking up the wrong tree. look at the global economic
and social situation in the IT-Sector and you might get an idea what is
going on there. In the past I personally could influence more companies
regarding buying cd's and stuff then now, partly due to personal choices
but mostly due to the fact that some of them simply don't exist anymore.
only the better ones survived the last years undamaged. I was still able
to increase the money flow a bit, since the one's left are decent, but I
consider this an exception and not the rule.

then look at the assholes which never give anything back. I'm not going to
name anyone here, but there are companies building firewall-appliances
based on obsd, charging quite some money, choosen by me since an
"appliance" was an requirement in the case and guess what, I look at the
webpage and they did never donate anything to the project, don't see their
name mentioned anywhere. first and last time I used that shit, not
mentioning their crappy support.

however, one has to accept that some of these effects are part of having
something which is really free. we had been talking about this in other
projects I was involved, not related with obsd; and it is part of the
game, when you set something in the wild you have to live with the good
and the bad from it. the good of it is always worth it.

however, there is a money problem there and it asks for a solution and not
a discussion. more spending and creativity and less talking I suggest.

stop talking about downloads and charges, the people in charge know what
they are doing there and why, it's really beating a dead horse.

regards, siggi.