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Re: 3.6 arrived

Michael Shalayeff wrote:

Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Greg Thomas:
[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]

there are too many cheap bastards yummering in here and i think would be

much better for 'em to donate $20 each time they post a retarded so called
opinion of theirs.

I think every time a developer gives a snotty reply to a worthwhile
contributor to misc the project should buy a box of pampers for that

i know i contributed to _the_project_ before and keep doing so.

what is this magic contribution to _misc_(_at_)__ ?
what it changes for the financial situation for the project?
does it result in code maybe?

here you've been asked -- you the _misc_(_at_)__ community
-- to help the project and instead give just a sack
of useless ideas nobody is going to waste _resources_ for.
who's gonna pay for implementing your useless ideas?
who's gonna pay for maintaining any of 'em?
obviously not you -- the ones who prefer to suggest to waste
more resources instead of giving any.

there are existing ways for supporting _the_project_ that
less and less people use and insted they call 'emselves
the _misc_(_at_)__ community...

here we have now already $60 accumulated.


Like attacking people and telling them they are 'full of shitz'
is going to help the project...

Imho these kinds of attacks just piss people off and this mailing
list is getting a bad name.

It's a public mailing list, every now and then someone (new) will post
an idea that sounds stupid to those involved in this project for
a long time, but I'm not sure if your reaction in this matter
brings anything else than irritation, regardless of your valuable
contributions in other occassions.


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