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dhcp client and DNS

I was wondering if there is a workaround for this issue I am seeing...

I have multiple NICs on my OpenBSD box and use one of them for Cable modem and as such 'dhcp'.

I also have internal DNS running on this machine.

In my dhclient.conf, I want to overwrite the ISPs dns servers as such:

interface "bge0" {
supersede domain-name "wixb.com";
prepend domain-name-servers;
request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, domain-name-servers, time-offset, routers;

this works just fine, but I noticed one issue...

When the machine gets its DHCP lease on boot, it must be trying to talk to DNS (perhaps to update or something?) and named of course has not started yet.

so I see this:

starting network
DHCPREQUEST on bge0 to port 67
DHCPREQUEST on bge0 to port 67
bound to x.x.x.x -- renewal in 35873 seconds.

then here is pauses for 30seconds before continuing!
starting system logger
time services: ntpd.....

As long as I dont specify any of my own DNS, the machine boots right away.

any thoughts on what I can do to speed the boot? - I need to use internal DNS..so I cannot remove that. But if DHCP is trying to update my DNS, thats not something I want or need....

Thanks in advance for any pointers guys :)

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