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looking for obsd colo to swap resources with for critical services.

We use openbsd for our servers and we are looking
to trade a rack, an ip block, and nominal bandwidth
with another provider for like so that we and that provider have an extra 
set of servers in a different location to provide nominal services in case of an 
local outage (email mx relay, dns, www2 only for critical sites, off hour 

The preference is that both providers be proficient in openbsd 
just in case local sysadmins could facilitate issues for each other.

This server farm is in Florida, so ideal would be a provider 
on a different coast, country or at least someone who's natural 
disasters are not during the late summer ;)
for example a possible candidate is someone who 
may experience more risk of an outage during the 
winter for the nothern hemisphere

We are looking to start doing so the first part of the next calendar year, 
2005, but are flexible.

If this is something that may interest you
please reply direct to ppruett @ webengr.com
 ph usa 1-321-633-4990
or form at

PLEASE Do not reply to this email list.


apologies for those reading who it does not apply to.