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Re: IBM 305 poor performance

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 07:16:24 -0500
jbronson_(_at_)_wixb_(_dot_)_com (J.D. Bronson) wrote:

> At 06:59 AM 10/14/2004, Damien Miller wrote:
> >J.D. Bronson wrote:
> > > FTP WRITES -from- the openbsd box to any other machine on my LAN
> > > is at 570KB/sec....very very poor.
> >
> >You should try to see whether it is the network or the disk that is
> >the bottleneck. Instead of ftp, try one of the TCP benchmarking
> >programs from ports/net.
> >
> >You also forgot to post a dmesg, so we can't help much more.
> >
> >-d
> Thanks. I will post a dmesg later. I was only seeking (at this point)
> if someone has/had any known issues with Broadcom.
> Thats what I am thinking it is....

Test the I/O of the HDD.
I wait about 20 minutes when I delete /usr/ports on an AMD64 with 512MB
RAM. An Adaptec 39160  is the controler I use and a u320 HDD is
connected to this controler.

So I would say: Test the I/O of the HDD and not the Network because I
noticed also poor speed with my SCSI-hardware.


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