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Re: wireless pci nics

On Thursday 14 Oct 2004 05:17, Paul wrote:
> i got alot of response from my question on wireless nics. thing is, 
> everything seemed to be pcmcia, id like to find a good pci card.

Linksys WMP11	(FCC ID PKW-WMP11)
Netgear MA311 Rev. A1
D-Link DWL-520 Rev B2   (Both FCC ID M4Y-06260)
3Com Wireless lan PCI Adapter 3CRDW696 Rev. A  (FCC ID MXF-C910729)

All are Prism2.5 PCI cards. So long as you check with the vendor that the FCC 
ID is *identical* to those given above, the card is certain to be compatible 
with OpenBSD.

eBay returns plenty of matches - particularly for the Linksys.

All of the above cards were manufactured and certified by OEM's in Taiwan 
(ADT, ZCom and Gemtek) so the chances are that you can find the same FCC IDs 
on cards with completely different names. Any card with one of the above FCC 
IDs will work, no matter what name is on the box.

It makes little difference which one you buy as "under the hood" the cards are 
effectively identical.

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