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Re: ultra DMA mode;install problems;

JAVING The F.D. Agency wrote:
> Yesterday i tried to install
> openbsd 3.4 release from a cd.
> Sorry there is no dmesg etc but there is
> a dsl line there(not fumctioning till I install openbsd)
>  and I had no disks to write to.
> ( I ll get some this time:)
> I will provide the dmesg and send it as usual when I will
> manage to install it.
> I ll try today 3.5 from cd.
> Tha machine is an new Athlon xp 2400+ machine.
> The install stoped after recognizing corect the wd0 HDD
> with a bad dma bus message: missing interupt
> I disabled in BIOS the DMA mode for the HDD entirely and
> That solved the problem.
> The istalation now goes till install of packages.
> Then I get "there is no cdrom" when I try to install
> the packages.
> But I have booted from this cdrom drive...
> (Also tried with DMA for cdrom enabled/disabled
> same results)
> Whats happening? Any guess?

Without dmesg, that's ALL we can do: guess.
However, here's the rough version of what is going on:
The CD boots using the BIOS -- any BIOS supported device can boot the
CD.  The install is done by OpenBSD, only OpenBSD supported devices can
be read AFTER boot.  There's really no big surprise, the short version
of the problem is "OpenBSD doesn't recognize your CDROM".

WHY this is the case, we'd have to see your dmesg (and possibly, need a
description of your machine's hookup).

> Also I noticed that this machine had windows prior to this
> install and had no problems with ultra dma mode enabled(Auto in BIOS).
> Does Ultra DMA inprove speed or is just another 
> manufacturer crap that openbsd do not need?

IF you are doing a lot of disk activity, UDMA is very, very nice.
For a firewall (very little disk activity), really won't matter a lot
unless you are doing a lot of logging to disk.  I have a number of
non-DMA capable machines in use here and at clients, however if I had a
AMD XP2400 that didn't work, I'd fix it.  8)

Without the dmesg, all I can say is: