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L. V. Lammert <lvl <at> omnitec.net> writes:

> It would be **REALLY** nice to have a RAID5 machine with a 
> controller/driver capable of communicating array status.

It's probably not exactly what you want, but I've
been running RAIDframe (both level 0 and 1; would do
level 5 if someone donated me 3 40-80 GB IDE HDDs)
on a Pentium 120 for nearly a year now. (-A root rocks)

It's software, but the good part about it being software
is that, if the hardware fails, you can access the data
on entirely different hardware. No need to purchase the
same controller again - FWIHH (not checked myself) the
hardware RAID controllers don't have a standard on-disc
format. (How about Microsoft NT and Linux, which also
do software RAID? NT uses 'dynamic discs', but the LDM
database could be converted into disklabels...)


(sorry for the late followup, reading this via
the webinterface atm)