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Re: pf book ?

In message <6_(_dot_)_1_(_dot_)_2_(_dot_)_0_(_dot_)_2_(_dot_)_20041009065303_(_dot_)_00aabda0_(_at_)_cheyenne_(_dot_)_wixb_(_dot_)_com>, "J.D. Bronson
" writes:
>I installed 3.6 and want to use pf. I have tons of examples to go by, but 
>wanted to stop at Barns & Noble today and pickup a book.

>Does anyone have a recommendation on a good pf book for openbsd?

I haven't seen any, probably because, like it or not, the BSDs are sort of a
niche market all together.

But, if memory serves, PF just got integrated into NetBSD, which suggests that
it's about time to start hitting up publishers about it.

*sigh*.  What I really *want* is the BSD/OS ipfw.  (Not FreeBSD's.)  It was
awfully neat.