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Re: Fw: Re: 3.6-beta and ntfs

Todd C. Miller
> In message <20041008223953_(_dot_)_29cf8c71_(_dot_)_vh_(_at_)_helith_(_dot_)_net>
> 	so spake van Helsing (vh):
>> Please notice:
>> This is a WINDOWS hdd and it has no SWAP-Partition.
>> It has a 10gb "C" and a big "D" wich contain the files I need.
>> So I tried, because I thought OpenBSD is able to detect the partitions,
>> wd0b.
>> But wd0b, wd0a (and *c,*d,*e..*s) both don't work.
> Did you even bother running "disklabel wd0" to see what partition
> numbers the windows partitions were mapped to?

No, because he's an obstinate fool.