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Re: Configuration of IceWm for the OpenBSD 3.5

  On Oct 06 at 01:58, Greg spoke:

> Per the IceWm.org site I have created a .IceWm directory in my user's home
> directory and modified the menu file in the ~/.icewm directory so as to
> change my menu to show some programs that I have installed (beaver, quanta,
> etc).
> However,when I hit the menu button on the taskbar I don't see the programs
> (nor the display showing the network and pc activity).
> So I then copied it to /usr/local/share/icewm to see if the system was using
> *that* menu config.  It did not work there either.

In the menu file that you have posted there is only "quanta" but
"beaver" isn't there.

Are these applications in one of the directories of $PATH that icewm
(Maybe you need to extend the $PATH that is passed to icewm.)