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Re: make release error (undefined reference) on OPENBSD_3_6 and OPENBSD_3_6_BASE

On 07.10.2004 20:50, Otto Moerbeek wrote:
On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Markus Kolb wrote:


I've upgraded a 3.3 box with the changes listet in the upgrade-mini-faq.
Downloaded the sources and built a new kernel, rebooted and did a make build.
Everything fine. The box seems to be a 3.6 now.
But if I want to make a release for another box I always get the same error:

cc -O2   -march=i486  -nostdinc -idirafter /home/makolb/destdir/usr/include -c

This smells like some non-standard compile flags.

When I type make in /usr/src/distrib/special/grep, I see:

cc -O2 -pipe  -Os -DNOZ  -c /usr/src/distrib/special/grep/../../../usr.bin/grep/binary.c

Oh yeah. Great. I forgot the "+" in COPTS+=-march=i486 CXXOPTS+=-march=i486

Thanks for your hint in the right direction ;)


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