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Re: Question about DNS and Named

You may be able to get by without DNS.  Your BSD box should route DNS
requests from your internal interface to the external interface.  Where DNS
can be handled by your ISP (transparent to your pc clients).  Point your PC
resolver to the internal interface of you BSD machine.  Depending on the
firewall rules for your internal network, DNS requests should be answered.
But as the others said, you can benefit from a cache only name server.  Here
is an article I found useful 


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Subject: Question about DNS and Named

     I obtain an IP from my ISP, and a DNS address.

    I use OpenBSD 3.5-stable as gateway, this box do NAT for more 
Windows PC. Every windows PC use as gateway my OpenBSD box IP 
(, but i need to set the ISP DNS at every Windows PC.

    I want to hide the ISP DNS address from windows clients. I think, 
when i use named on OpenBSD is a good idea ? And every clients set as DNS server ?