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Re: Firewall automation

On Oct 6, 2004, at 10:11 PM, tai wrote:

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Jason Dixon wrote:

You're identifying the entire OpenBSD user base with the flippant
comments of one user.  It's not that people don't appreciate the value
in these interfaces;  it's that the developers simply don't have the
need/motivation for creating them.  You really think Daniel or Henning
are sitting around wishing for a GUI to help them administer 1000
firewalls?  On the other hand, do you think anyone's stepped up to
sponsor the development of such an interface for $100K?

Since he was following up to me, you must mean that my comments are
flippant. I have re-read it, and I do not understand how I was flippant.
I believe the original reply was more flippant, since it went something
along the lines of "GUIs suck, learn to use command lines", and I simply
pointed out that there are situations where GUIs do not suck.

No, I was referring to Gerardo Santana's comments.

-- Jason Dixon, RHCE DixonGroup Consulting http://www.dixongroup.net