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Re: Firewall automation

On Oct 5, 2004, at 10:54 PM, Sean Hafeez wrote:

not to piss anyone off but want you said hits the nail on the head.
one of the issue that i have had with the oss movement is that i have
found that the geek factor and the unreality of alot of those in the
movement makes things hard for those of us that have worked in IT for
a large company. the uber-geek programmer on the oss project does not
understand the thats nice but my user base has the iq of a rock and
there are 20k of them that i need to support factor. that, or the
thats nice, but i have 1000 systems to admin. i cannot count the
number of times i have had the argument that ends with "thats nice,
call me when you have run it for 5000 people or run a backbone with
3000 routers and 1+ million customers"

You're identifying the entire OpenBSD user base with the flippant comments of one user. It's not that people don't appreciate the value in these interfaces; it's that the developers simply don't have the need/motivation for creating them. You really think Daniel or Henning are sitting around wishing for a GUI to help them administer 1000 firewalls? On the other hand, do you think anyone's stepped up to sponsor the development of such an interface for $100K?

-- Jason Dixon, RHCE DixonGroup Consulting http://www.dixongroup.net