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Re: A User Coming from Freebsd and Linux needs help

Michael Alipio
> Good day!
> I have a very big problem on mounting my hard drive
> partitions and also cdrom drives:
> To give you an insight of my devices, here's what my
> computer shows when it boots up(though it may not be
> as detailed as it really shows):
> Primary Master:   Seagate 80....
> Primary Slave:    none
> Secondary Master: Lite-On CDRW
> Secondary Slave:  Atapi CDrom
> And my disk partition layout (the order is exactly the
> same as it shows when I issued `fdisk wd0`
> 1. FreeBSD
> 2. OpenBSD
> 3. Linux
> 4. NTFS
> My first problem is not being able to mount my cd
> drives:
> I've created two directories in / namely cdrw, cdr.
> Here's what I did to mount my Lite-On cdrw:
> mount_cd9660 /dev/rcd0c /cdrw
> and I get:
> mount_cd9660: /dev/rcd0c on /cdrw:Block Device
> Required
> same as with my atapi cdrom:
> mount_cd9660 /dev/rcd1c /cdr
> mount_cd9660: /dev/rcd1c on /cdr: Block Device
> Required

This ain't linux.  The man pages are very helpful.  I'd suggest you read
them.  They even have wonderful examples that will address your needs
above.  And at the bottom of the appropriate manpage there are other
manpages listed that will most likely answer your other questions.


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