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Re: Trouble routing with icmp-redirects

...on Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 05:02:35PM +0200, Raphael Mueller wrote:

 > >Did you check wether your OpenBSD gateway still 
 > >sends ICMP redirects at all?
 > Yes, icmp-redirects go out, see text-only output of Ethereal further 
 > down. I noticed that there is a header checksum which is wrong (Ethereal 
 > sais so) in that packet. The packet of the Cisco router has a correct 
 > check sum.

Oops. That would explain why the clients ignore 
those redirects, but I have no idea where the 
checksum error should originate from.

 > #### See next line for incorrect header ####
 > Header checksum: 0xaf32 (incorrect, should be 0xb032)

Hum, a difference of 0x100: One could have 
speculated on a strange memory error or 
something, but that's a lot of wrong bits...