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Re: OpenBSD Filsystem Question

On Oct 1, 2004, at 6:06 PM, David Rodgers wrote:

I would love to use openBSD for everything but I need to be able to
recover clean and quickly like this without long fscks and be back to
100% in as little time as possible.

Is there some way to accomplish this using openBSD or sigh even FreeBSD
that any of you knows of.

OpenBSD's fsck does not yet support background fsck for Soft Updates, so no.


However, I'm a little shocked at the revelation that you haven't taken steps to properly shutdown your machines in case of power failure. Assuming you have UPS units in place that are supported by apcupsd, why don't you use apcupsd to poweroff the systems when power fails? If you don't have the supported units, GET THEM. They can be had for cheap.

Jason Dixon, RHCE
DixonGroup Consulting

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