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typo in resolv.conf man page?

>From the resolv.conf man page, 2nd paragraph:

  On a normally configured system this file should not be necessary.  The
  only name server to be queried will be on the local machine, the domain
  name is determined from the host name, and the domain search path is con-
  structed from the domain name.

Then later on, under the "lookup" options section:

  If the lookup keyword is not used in the system's resolv.conf
  file then the assumed order is *bind* *file*.  Furthermore, if
  the system's resolv.conf file does not exist, then the only
  database used is *file*.

So if I don't have a resolv.conf file (and I shouldn't need one),
domain names are resolved through the hosts file.

My question: does the resolver really work this way, or is it a typo
in the man page?


matt j

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