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Re: CD Sales down

On 2004 Sep 29, at 4:58 PM, Richard Welty wrote:

> if i ask for permission to install a
> copy of openbsd at work, and tell them it's free, they'll often insist 
> that
> i substitute a commercial product. if i tell them it costs $xxx and 
> tell
> them how to pay for it, well that's different.

So? Don't give them OpenBSD for free. Sell them WeltyBSD for $foo and 
inform them that you'll include the license fee on your first invoice. 
Make a donation in your own name in the amount of $foo to OpenBSD. It's 
perfectly legitimate, especially if you roll your own release(8) and 
are careful with the acknowledgment clause in the license. Make it 
clear to your client that WeltyBSD is based upon the free OpenBSD, but 
that you're providing ``value-added'' salespeak-mumble. And deliver on 
your promise! Use something from http://www.openbsd.org/products.html 
as a model.

I've got a client running OpenBSD who hasn't bought CDs yet. I'll be 
encouraging them to upgrade to 3.6, but I'll give them a clear choice: 
buy the CDs for me to use for the upgrade, let me invoice them for the 
CDs that I'll use and leave with them, or pay me to download, compile, 
burn a CD, etc., in addition to my time to perform the upgrade. Or, 
they can elect to not use my services.

If y'all applied the same creativity to getting your clients to pay for 
OpenBSD as you do to solving their problems, then Theo wouldn't have to 
harp about the freeloaders.



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