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Network installation

I sent a message about my DHCP problem. 
I am near to kick my PC (this job has taken my days!).

System OpenBSD 3.5 i386

I try to configure the network manually after an unsuccessful DHCP client 
setup trial.

1) I edited /etc/hostname.vr0 file (my card is VIA VT6105)
echo "inet my_ip my_mask NONE" > /etc/hostname.vr0

 Originally, I use a Realtek 8139 card but someone told me it has some 
problems with OpenBSD 3.5. True?

2) Edited /etc/resolv.conf and write the DNS server addresses.
 nameserver xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa
 nameserver xxx.yyy.zzz.aa2
 nameserver xxx.yyy.zzz.aa3

3) edited /etc/mygate
 echo my_gateway_IP > /etc/mygate

 # route flush
 # ifconfig vr0 up
 # sh netstart vr0 

When I "ifconfig vr0"
 I see that the internet address, netmask, and the broadcas addres are 

then try to ping a machine
 # ping any_IP
 ping: sendto : no route to host
The above error message is received!
What should I do in order to connect to net after these steps? Is there 
anything missing!?

PS: The same modem was used with two different machines before and it worked 


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