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Re: Intel nic supported?

Chris Alatakis wrote:
>> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, JAVING The F.D. Agency wrote:
>> > OpenBSD athena.javing.com 3.4 GENERIC#0 i386 (Stable)
>> > I have an onboard sis card up and working and I have instaled this one
> now.
>> > Intel EtherExpress PRO/100, PRO/100B, and PRO/100+
>> > I read is supported and showed as fxp in ifconfig.
>> >
>> > Neither my dmesg or ifconfig-A shows the card. Whats wrong?
>> >
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> >
>> How would we know? No dmesg, no card details!
> This is the dmesg.( i included he ifconfig -A too)

if it isn't in dmesg, ifconfig won't be showing it, either.

> Sorry I did not included.

report to beating room 37C, please.

> I just can not find the card and the onboard nick drop packets.
> I will definitely need the intel nick.
> In openbsd site says is supported by default from the generic.
> I build the GENERIC kernel yesterday again.
> All works fine bit the new card( Intel E100 Etherexpress pro) did not apear.
> Do I not see it?

The card isn't showing up.
Possible reasons:
1) The card is not properly plugged into the bus.  Likely.
2) The card is a PCI2.2-only and your system is a PCI2.1-only (unlikely on
both counts, never seen a picky Intel EtherExpress card, and your
machine is pretty "new").
3) The card is hiding behind an unsupported PCI bridge (I don't see
the unsupported bridge in the dmesg, though I know I couldn't find it
once before, and haven't gone back to that machine to look at what I
missed).  Not overly likely.
4) your NIC is completely dead
5) Your PCI slot is very dead (try a different slot)

Options 1, 5 and 4 are most likely, roughly in that order.  I'm betting
on #1, that's the usual problem with PCI cards.


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