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OpenBSD : DHCP Client Problem

First of all I read the FAQ and man pages related with this topic.
I have two network adapters and I will use one of the for internet connection (rl0).
I first edit /etc/hostname.rl0
 #echo "dhcp" > /etc/hostname.rl0
 #route flush
 #dhclient rl0
This assigns IP adresses as follows...
 DHCPREQUEST on rl0 to on port 67
 New Network Number :
 New Broadcast Address :
And the "ifconfig rl0" gives
 status : active
 inet :
Then I try to ping somewhere (ie google), the system caanot "route"!
The /etc/resolv.conf includes

I also tried 
 #sh /etc/netstart

If I give "netstat -r" or "route show" and then type "ifconfig rl0" the inet address will change to!

But, when I try to connect to internet with the same modem in Windows 98 (I do no changes in TCP/IP configuration, all the settings are untouched) I just connect the cable modem to my ethernet card and connect to internet. 

I tried to reset the modem several times. Edit /etc/dhclient.conf file and prevent the system to get the DNS address from DHCP (but not gave an address myself, I am not sure!)

Why do the addreses given to me are in 192.168.*.* format (LAN format) !?!? The addreses in Windows 98 are like 62.248.*.*!
How can I configure my system? I, actually want to use it as an gateway.

Fehmi Noyan ISI
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