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Re: bgpd not accepting full routes

On Sat, Sep 25, 2004 at 08:17:31AM -0500, Steven Radack wrote:
> I'm running the latest OpenBSD-current and I am having a problem
> receiving full routes from one of my neighbors.  For some reason, bgpd
> will only accept around ~20 routes.  The neighbor that is having the
> problems is running a Juniper router and all of its neighbors (except
> me) are not having similar issues.  My other neighbor is a Cisco
> router sending me full routes, and bgpd has no problem accepting all
> of those.  If the bad neighbor tries to send me full routes, then bgpd
> starts having trouble keeping the session alive as well.  It resets
> about every 90 seconds.  If we change the policy for the Juniper to
> only send me around 20 routes, it seems to work without error.  Here
> is some diagnostic information:

I had a similar problem with a session to a cisco router that got dropped
after a few minutes because of missing keepalives. After a hour of
analizing tcpdump outputs it turned out to be a duplex missmatch on the
way to that router. The initial full table dump of the cisco caused
massive packetloss and retransmits and finally the session timed out
because of this.
Check /var/log/daemon for the cause of the drop and have a look at "netstat
-s -p tcp".

:wq Claudio