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Re: Sun Hardware

Luca Ferrari wrote:
> Apologize my intrusion,

The polite thing to do is to start a new thread for a new question.

> I'd like to install openbsd over a ultra sparc 5 workstation, and I'd like to 
> know if there's something particular I have to take into account (e.g., not 
> all installation programs deal with the sun keyboard/mouse).

uh..  try it and find out?

Biggest error people will make is thinking it is Just Another PC.  If
you respect it as a different beast, it should be no problem.

Hardest part on a U5, I found, was getting X running.  Curiously,
reading /usr/X11R6/README told me exactly how to do it.  If you really
sit down and READ what it says, you should have no problem after two or
three hangs of the video on the machine.  When you hose the X
configuration, you really, really hose it on a U5 :)  (have another
computer you can use to ssh into the U5 to reboot it "nicely") (you can
search the sparc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org mail list for a "good" U5 compatable
XF86Config file, but I REALLY recommend just reading the docs, you will
learn much more, and it DOES work.  I did it the "hard way" just to make
sure recently).


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