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Re: Missing files in kdelibs-3.3.0.tar.bz break make on Openbsd 3.4

Am Mittwoch 22 September 2004 15:51 schrieb Dave Feustel:


This is actually not at all related to OBSD, but for the archives, we could 
mention a solution at least once:

> I have now downloaded copies of kdelibs-3.3.0.tar.bz,
> one from purdue, the other from rutgers. I checked the
> MD5 signature of the rutgers bz2 file and it was correct.
> Neither of the 2 kdelibs tarballs that I downloaded has
> the files kshortcutdialog_simple.h or kshortcutdialog_advanced.h.

Those files are generated using the corresponding .ui files with the uic 
(which supposably stands for user interface compiler). You could do this by 
yourself, or just try to invoke gmake instead of BSDs make.


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