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Re: Kernel crash when attempting 'halt -p'

> I think it is probably more a "crappy response to crappy hardware"
> problem. :)


> I have noticed that response on some 486 systems which clearly did not
> support software powerdown.  Not the most elegant way of handling the
> situation, but same net effect (computer is stopped, power cycle
> needed).  Do you happen to know if your machine is capable of actually
> doing a SW power down in some other OS?

That I do not know - I bought it surplus from our local university, so
it had no OS on it.  If it were a somewhat decent machine, I'd say
something silly like "Give me a day, and I'll throw Win2K Pro on it,"
but I'm not going through the pain on a P200.  ;)

> I probably ought to plug one into a serial console and get the ddb
> output and see if anyone cares...

My offer still stands to test patches, if anyone might consider this
a software problem.  If not, no big deal.  As it's going to be a
firewall, I don't plan on using 'halt -p' very often at all.  ;)


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