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Re: Multiport NIC

Scott Gerhardt <scott_(_at_)_g-it_(_dot_)_ca> writes:

> Besides Intel, are there any other good multi-port network adapters on
> the market?

4-port dc(4) 100Mb/s cards exist and are good, 4-port ste(4) cards
should probably be avoided; 4-port Intel em(4) 1Gb/s cars work nicely
and are, today, cheaper and/or more available than the others.  Those
are the ones I'm using.

> It seems like a lot of the other vendors (3Com, Linksys, Netgear,
> DLink etc.) are not producing multiport NIC's anymore.

Possible.  But Intel isn't that bad.  :)

(The trouble with the 4-port em(4) card is that it's PCI-X, so you'll
want an expensive motherboard and possibly a riser card that isn't
quite vanilla.)



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