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Re: IDE harddrive errors

On 09/19/04 04:09, Adam wrote:

I've seen good drives and bad drives from everyone, except seagate.
I have actually never had a single seagate drive fail on me ever.

We once bought 8 Seagate SCSI drives for a customer. They were installed in the equipment, fully tested for a few days and the power went off for half a year. Fully untouched or unmoved we powered them on and 6 of the 8 had "glued heads". The disk spindles didn't start spinning at all. Out of the equipment after a firm manual tangential "knock" all six did "start again" but we presumed them to be total-loss.

Development, test and production cycles are so short in the disk drive industry that it's a true statistical gamble to state error rates and lifetime. Any unknow structural defect or unknown behavior of 100+ parts and all their specific interactions(!), can destroy all theory and statistics.

The over-all statistics for all producers in this industry are exceptionally good compared to many many other producers in this world.

I have seen quite some disks and believe you should power them up and keep them spinning for their lifetime.