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Re: Journaling Filesystem

On Sep 17 01:55 PM, Bruno Saverio Delbono wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few more questions:
> 1) I understand I can setup softdeps on OpenBSD partitions. However, 
> we're hoping to move away from Solaris one one our machine (SPARC) 
> currently running Solaris 9 + Veritas VxVM with a VxFS filesystem. Is 
> there a good replacement for such filesystems with OpenBSD? We looked at 
> ReiserFS which looked quite impressive but I believe is Linux only.

No, OpenBSD pretty much just focuses on ffs. I've used lots of different
filesystems and by far I would say it's my favorite, since they added
softdeps. What specific 'features' do you like about VxFS that you can't
get with ffs? To put it another way, what problem are you trying to

Reiserfs doesn't work within the VFS filesystem abstraction layer, so it
would be a pain to wedge it into something like openbsd since it
rewrites big chunks of the filesystem code. That's why it's Linux only.

The volume managers that openbsd has are RAIDframe (raid(4)) and ccd(4).

> 2) How is support for threaded programs in OpenBSD? What about 
> availability for IPC (inter-process communication)?

Yes, it has pthread support which was reworked in 3.5. I use threaded
programs all the time; they work fine.
As for IPC, it has (of course) all of the standard stuff like pipes.
And obviously Berkeley IPC stuff like socketpair, sockets, etc. If you
mean System V IPC, yeah it's got that too.


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