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NTFS large file support

Hi! I'm running 3.5-CURRENT with a kernel that differs from GENERIC only by enabling NTFS support. Everything seems to work fine except for reading files over 4GB (2^32 = 2**32 = 4294967296 Bytes). For these files, everything seems to read only the first (file size mod 4GB).

cp & dd simply copy that many and then think they're done. sftp localhost (just to try something slightly different) copies that many, errors out with
Couldn't read from remote file "[file]" : Failure
and gives a few console errors similar to
ntfs_readattr: offset too big: 1069514752 (1069547520)
ntfs_read: ntfs_readattr failed: 7

Reading a large video file (~5GB) in mplayer from an NTFS drive yields results similar to those of sftp.

Any ideas on what's going on here? Any suggestions on reading NTFS files over 4GB?

Christian Jones

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