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Re: Freezes on 3.5

Whoops, definately my bad. I just read the thread off of
marc.theaimsgroup.com. Just to double check a few things:

PnP off/disabled in the BIOS? [sometimes this setting can make a difference,
as it did for me on a Apollo Pro mainboard]

Any and all add on cards not in use either removed physically or disabled via
the BIOS (aside from USB of course)? [idea being to eliminate possible IRQ

Any other setting in the BIOS for USB, such as USB DOS Keyboard support, etc,
disabled? Try the opposite of whatever setting is on currently and see if that
makes a difference. [driver vrs bios issues? admitidly, even I find this one
far fetched]

Is this a laptop, or a case? reguardless - take the cover off, turn it
upside-down (removed cover facing downward) and give it a good shake - see if
anything falls out. Then, since the cover is off, grab a can of compressed air
and prepare to fight the dust bunnies...
(I say this because on a i386 motherboard swap I did once, from a 486 to cyrix
686, I left a metal "stud" or motherboard support screw behind because I could
not pry it off with my fingers. I found out later that they couldn't print.
Why? The stud shorted the paralell port. But everything else worked ...)
[reason to do this: eliminate loose motherboard/case components causing
physical shorts]

Any USB problems under other operating systems? [clue as to whether your
problem is O/S specific]

I know, I'm strange. But they don't seem to be talked about in previous
threads, so I think these are worth trying.

Peter Verhagen

>>> Why are you disabling things?
>> Because I never resolved
>> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-misc&m=102436543228717&w=2
>> Thanks
>> Dirk