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spamd maxcon limited to 800

During high (spam) loads, spamd uses up the default 800 max connections. Using -c it is limited to 800 or less.  Snapshot from Sept 8.

# /usr/libexec/spamd -g -B 400 -c 801 
usage: spamd [-45dgv] [-B maxblack] [-b address] [-c maxcon]
             [-G mins:hours:hours] [-n name] [-p port]
             [-r reply] [-s secs] [-w window]
# /usr/libexec/spamd -g -B 400 -c 799 
# ps ax|grep spamd
  207 ??  Is      0:00.00 spamd: (pf <spamd-white> update) (spamd)
20865 ??  I       0:00.02 /usr/libexec/spamd -g -B 400 -c 799 
 5353 ??  I       0:00.00 spamd: (/var/db/spamd update) (spamd)

maxblack must also be specified if maxcon is anything but 800.

Is it possible to have more than 800 concurrent connections?  Greylisting is working very well otherwise.


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