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Re: OT: Re: Interesting new RAID card?

Hi all,

I'm just curious, how do you rebuild the array after a drive failure?

The more modern Arco products and the Accusys ACS7500 remirror when you replace the failed drive. I am much more familiar with the Accusys than the modern ArcoIDE products, but the Accusys is just plain cool. Pull the failed drive, insert the new drive, lock it down, remirroring starts. The Accusys doesn't even include any software for any OS.

This is identical to the units I use.

The reason I don't mention any names, btw, is because my local supplier imports them directly out of Asia and then brands them. I have no idea where they originally come from.

The units are sold as "tapeless backup systems" (hot swap PATA). They are really RAID boxes for levels 0 and 1, but I have been informed sales have jumped after the name change...

They are cool boxes though: mount a couple of drives in one machine, install & configure and place the second disk in an identical machine. Boot that up, install yet another disk and now you have two identical machines for the 'time investment' of one.

Only complaint: the Accusys products have no way to inform you of a
failed drive, though modifying it to route the error LEDs to a couple
inputs on the parallel port shouldn't be hard.

These units I use beep really loud on drive failure. ;-)

Bye... Nico

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