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PERC4/SC Megaraid card


According to the supported hardware list, this card is supported, and
yet Im getting a "no disks found" error on install.  Ive tried 3.5 and
3.6, the device shows up in Dmesg as a "symbios logic megaraid" and
says "device not configured".

I know the hardware is working, as it booted the vendors preinstalled system.

Is this the same issue as the PERC4e/SI problem that was posted on
sept 9th, in that they have updated the PCI Ids and this change hasnt
been reflected in the tree as of yet?  The card is referred to
everywhere as a PERC4/SC, which is identical to the ones listed on the
supported hardware list.  The vendor is Dell btw.

If anyone needs any further information, please ask.  I ordered this
system based on the supported hardware list, and would really like to
see it work :)


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