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Re: Applying Patches

Clint M. Sand Said:
> To upgrade to -stable from -release also involves building all of
> userland. not just the kernel. the port of mergemaster can help you
> replace some things but the binaries will be built by....
> from www.openbsd.org/stable.html :
>  To rebuild the system binaries:
>  # cd /usr/src
>  # rm -r /usr/obj/*
>  # make obj && make build
>  This will take awhile...

As I said in my post:

> > Once you have grabbed -stable from CVS and built the kernel
> > rebooted and done a build as decribed here:
> > http://www.openbsd.org/faq/upgrade-minifaq.html#1.5
> >
> > What is the best method for replacing the files in the system?

I have already built the system binaries from the -stable branch.

The question was, after doing the make build what is the best and
easiest way to merge the new binaries built from -stable into the 
existing system which is -release.

Quoted from FAQ:

Update /etc and /dev by hand. These are not updated automatically.
Choose a directory with enough space to hold /, /dev, /var, and /etc.
Here I'll use /home/newroot

  # mkdir /home/newroot          
  # export DESTDIR=/home/newroot
  # cd /usr/src/etc && make distribution-etc-root-var

Now compare the files in /home/newroot with their installed 
Replace or update the files as necessary.

  # rm -rf /home/newroot   (when done)

Reboot to make sure the new /etc files are correct

This is sane, but it seems like a long process.  
Is it possible (and sane?) to install the updated binaries straight
into the running system, or some other method other than
comparing all the individual files and manually install?

PS: Sorry to Scott for hijacking this thread, but it seemed 
like the right forum for my question as well as his.