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Re: WiFi : Conexant PRISM ?

On Friday 10 Sep 2004 01:43, Damien Miller wrote:

> There is a Linux driver that may be of use to someone sufficiently
> motivated. IIRC this driver was written by Intersil employees, so
> there may be no public docs available. Connexant have been
> unreasonably restrictive about documentation access (e.g. to their
> ADSL chips) in the past.

There is a BSD licensed driver (bfeldman) which looks like a preferable 
starting point.

There are no docs available, the Linux driver developers are getting 
assistance from Conexant, but the resultant code is the nearest thing 
to documentation currently available.

There is still the issue of firmware, the Linux driver authors say their 
official permission to redistribute it is "pending" but do so anyway.

The BSD driver requires the user to locate the firmware themselves (has 
a link to the Linux driver's downloadable copy) and uses file2c(1) in 
the Makefile.

I don't know how this last issue (firmware) can be addressed in OpenBSD.