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Re: OpenBSD on a SunFire V100

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 11:34:15AM +0200, Henning Brauer wrote:
> * C. Bensend <benny_(_at_)_bennyvision_(_dot_)_com> [2004-09-09 09:15]:
> > use the Sun
> > RJ45->DB9 adapter that came with it (don't know the pinout off the
> > top of my head)
> well, go to the network guys and ask for an unused cisco console cable, 
> they work just fine...
No problem about this, I'm one of the network guys :-D

Pierluigi De Rosa (thorin_(_at_)_durin_(_dot_)_khazad-dum_(_dot_)_net).