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Re: spamd questions

hmm, on Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 12:29:51AM +0059, Jason McIntyre said that
> > > 1. spamlogd uses pflog, does that mean that pflogd must be running?
> > 
> > yes, for the greylisting mode work nice.
> > 
> i thought about documenting this, but then for spamlogd to work,
> pf itself has to be enabled. which should be pretty obvious.
> and then if pf is enabled, pflogd will also be enabled, unless you
> deliberately disable it.
> so average person setting this up shouldn't have to worry about it.

it is fine if you enable it in rc.conf then reboot.  but
if you try to set it up without rebooting, doing everything
"manually", that's when it is not clear for us, average
idiots ;-)

> well, spamd(8) does show how to log to a dedicated file (in that example,
> /var/log/spamd) if desired. since it doesn't specify specific ownership
> or file mode, i think you can assume default is fine.

fair enough i guess.  nevertheless i filed pr #3913 to put an
empty spamd file into /var/log so you won't know how much
i don't know ;-)

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