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Re: Courier IMAP disconnects

Not being a genus, a simple thought: have you checked
the timeout values for the connection at both ends (client
and server)?

I've had the same issue, one case because the connection was
too slow and the server disconnected, one case because the server
was overloaded, response was slow, and the client disconnected.
Both were worked around by increasing the timeouts.

In all cases, logs are your friend as well. What's in them?


---- Jyry Suuntala on 2004-09-08 13:13:00:32 CEST (Wednesday): ----
> I am experiencing a weird symptom while reading my mail from
> Courier IMAP server on a OpenBSD system. My mail client is Mozilla's
> mail client but this symptom is there with any client.
> During opening some random folder the server disconnects and I have
> to restart the whole program to continue what ever I was doing.
> I doubt it is because of PF since my internal network is not blocked by any
> sort of rules. Any pointers, geniuses?
> -Jyry Suuntala

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