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my trip to SUCON

So, I just landed in Hamburg, comimng back from  SUCON, the swiss 
unix conference, held in zurich.

my plane arrived in zurich thusday around noon, and as promised ihsan 
picked me up at zurich airport (a great one: I didn't spend more than 5 
minutes in it). missed the conference opening, keynote and such due to 
the slightly late arrival, but that was planned this way for other 

The conference was held at Zurich Technopark, a modern building with 
lots of "technology-related" companies and integrated auditorium and 
other facilities you want for conference. Everything worked very 
smoothly, and even the wavelan worked basically without any 

I held a talk about bgpd the second day. Pretty early (10am) but I 
managed to get mentally awake withing the first 10 minutes of my talk ;)
Got the auditorium, which was perfectly equipped and very nice ot talk 
in. Pretty big share of the total conference visitors were there. Talk 
was good, interesting questions and discussion afterwards. Slides are at
Got a second slot which was originally intended for BOFs to talk about 
ntpd a bit. Unfortunately this was track 3 or 4 and the rooms were a 
bit far away, so little audience. Very good discussion tho afterwards - 
somewhat turned into a real BOF ;)
slides at http://bulabula.org/papers/sucon04/ntpd/

The high number of tracks is my only criticsm on this event, and at the 
speakers' meeting it turned out the others felt the same. Should be 
fixed next year ;)

On saturday the conference ended, and Theodore Tso and myself raffled 
of a few books, DVDs and such. We had a _lot_ of fun doing so - 
apprently we weren't the only ones.

The organisators, mainly Thomas Graf and Ihsan Dogan, took us to a 
Zurich tour on sunday, and to a tour to the mountains today. I could 
even do a micro-hike ;) It was very cool.

Andre Oppermann (@freebsd.org) organized some social events each evening 
during the conference for BSD crowd, that was very cool as well.

Overall, it was a fantastic event. Extremely well organized, nice 
people, nice location, and very good talks. The beauty of Zurich and the 
very own nightlife of Zurich were impressive too, we had a lot of fun, 
especially the night after the conference, without the need to get up 
somewhat early next morning.

Big thanks to Thomas and Ihsan for this event and inviting me, Andre &
claudio@ for taking care of the evenings, and of course Wim for doing 
the same fanatastic job he does at every event we're at. I hope to be 
back next year.