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Re: Bootable CD creation?

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 11:00:22AM -0600, Breen Ouellette wrote:
> stan,
>    The instructions do contain a number of inaccuracies 
> (/usr/src/distrib/i386/floppies doesn't exist, for example), and they 
> are confusing as well (using CDBOOT as a name for a couple of different 
> files/directories, and then not being clear about which is being 
> referred to later in the recipe), plus they advocate going around in the 
> source and changing stuff directly rather than making changes to copies 
> (which probably screws things when you go back to update your system).
>    All that said, there are some other resources for bootable CDs as 
> well. One source suggests that it is possible to make a CD bootable 
> without using cdrom35.fs. I still haven't figured out how to do that, 
> since I'm not equipped with the proper knowledge to read through the 
> source tree for the answer, as the author suggests. I think that you 
> will probably have to do what I am doing, which is read the man pages a 
> whole lot more so that you actually come to understand what you are 
> doing, rather than blindly following a recipe. I suspect the jtan recipe 
> is from a few releases back, which would explain some of the 
> inaccuracies. Understanding how stuff works makes it much easier to make 
> old, inaccurate recipes work.
Sounds like you are pretty much where I am. To summarize where that is.

I can create a working tree, use mkisofs, and mkhybrid to generate a
working CD from this tree. I can then modify this tree to acomplish
what I want.

I understand that (at least follwong this set of guidelines) the way that
booting workis is that the CD needsa "bootable floppy" image placed on

I can't seem to create a working "bootable floppy image" for this, but if
I copy the one of the ISO providedat that site I can make things work.

So the 2 things I need to understand are:

1. How do I create this "bootable floopy image"?

2. How is this image "pointed to" in the CD image creation?

I beleive I have a handle on the rest of this.

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