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not a router


I have these Solaris roots and I am loving the openBSD experience so far. The only problem is that since everything in Solaris is more difficult than necessary, I always think that I am not doing something that needs to be done. Point in question....I am going to be installing another NIC in my box and am wondering if I need to do anything to make sure that the box is not going to act like a router? Reading the Documentation(FAQ) leads me to think that will not happen unless I edit /etc/sysctl.conf or use the syctl command.
btw, what is the main source of online(www) documentation? or is it man? Are here any defacto OpenBSD sites that anyone can recommend?
Also, I remember in FreeBSD, when you have a second NIC installed in a box, the netmask cannot be the same as the default interface netmask. Are there any such issues in OpenBSD?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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