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Re: SSH default configuration or PF?

On 2004 Aug 31, at 5:53 PM, Sir Zecrose wrote:

> Accessing SSH from LAN was succesful,

First conclusion: OpenSSH is working as expected on your OpenBSD 

> but trying to connect from other
> than LAN wasn't.

Second conclusion: something between the two computers is blocking SSH. 
Or, less likely, the SSH client on the remote computer is b0rked.

> It said that the connection was refused. Is this
> because of PF or is SSH's default configuration is refusing
> connections other than from LAN?

Default configurations? No, nothing that would do this.

Since you give no other information, I must consult my Jumping 
Conclusionator 2000xp before I proceed. Let's see...ah, yes. Here we 

Final conclusion: your glazflorp on the miglbam is obviously 
frixnorbing the lerghap. So, turn the leftmost vemdirf on the boomwerp 
six time counter-norqwise, and you'll be all set.



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