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Re: openntpd and ntpq

Ted Unangst wrote:

On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Chuck Buckley wrote:

5 minutes eh? Funny, I didn't know network packets took 5 minutes to go
through a firewall to an end system. Maybe you meant 5 microseconds?
Certainly those packets fly faster than the quoted 50ms of accuracy for

Aug 26 22:14:38 reuelos login: 1 LOGIN FAILURE ON ttyC3

"oh shit, look, somebody's breaking in. but was it 22:14:38.003 or 22:14:38.004? damn, guess i can't figure out what happened."

you want ntpd accurate to within 5 ms? that's a joke. you can't even get 5 ms of *precision* out of the system.

damnit, you caught me. i should go back to windows ...