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Re: [OT] Chuck Yerkes, frequent contributor misc@ list died last night

>From: "Eric Allman" <eric_(_at_)_sendmail_(_dot_)_com>
>> I deeply regret to say that I can confirm that Chuck died last night 
>> a bit before 10:00pm.
>> eric

Hi Chuck,

I know you're at the big data center in the sky still reading the mail
lists as you've always done, so I'll keep the usual attempts at humor as
we have always done over the years. With all the very best equipment
available to you, some of the young geeks up there wondered about your
request for a PDP and teletype with acoustic couplers but many of us
know your penchant for UNIX nostalgia and jokes. I figure you'll teach
them a thing or two up there, just as you taught so many of us down here
over the years.

Thanks for all the years on-list advice and off-list conversations. Your
years of dedication and willingness to share speaks for itself and tells
everyone the kind of person you are. You shared your special combination
of experience, opinion and constant humor in a positive way that made
the most difficult technical things much easier and many people gained
from your gifts of insight.

I hope someone who knows your family will direct them to the list
archives and your mail spool, so they know how well and how often you
extended the effort to help a stranger in need.

You will be missed by many.

Kind Regards,
Jonathan Christopher Roberts

p.s. If I actually make it to geek heaven and find it running over a
75-baud serial connection, I'll know who to blame. ;-)