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Re: scp guide

michael crane wrote:

Added same users on each machine
typed "ssh_keygen -t rsa" as that user on each machine.
connected from each machine to other via ssh ( typing password ) which makes ~/.ssh/known_hosts
copied from machineA ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to machineB ~/.ssh/authorised_keys
copied from machineB ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to machineA ~/.ssh/authorised_keys
added "machineA_ipaddress username" to machineB/etc/hosts.equiv
added "machineB_ipaddress username" to machineA/etc/hosts.equiv

and still using scp other machine asks for a password.

What command do you try to execute? Try specifying the username explicitly (this may be a good idea anyway if you are going to run it as a cronjob):

$ scp [options] <fileglob> <user>@<remotehost>:<destination_path>

Works for me without the hosts.equiv part.

If you are going to run this as a cron job, consider using rsync to speed up the transfer.

If you really want to know everything you don't need to know, O'Reilly has (yet another) book on SSH.

Cheers, Erik

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